Waste Sorting and Disposal Methods

Burnable waste

Kitchen and other waste

Non-burnable waste

Ceramic, metal and other waste

Bulky waste

Large items

Four types of household appliances

Air conditioners, televisions, washing machines/clothes dryers, refrigerators/freezers

Collect or Bring


Aluminum cans displaying the logo
Steel cans displaying the logo


Unbroken beverage and other bottles

PET bottles

Beverage, seasoning and other PET bottles displaying the logo

White trays and styrofoam

Plain white trays
White styrofoam and other materials

Other plastics

Plastic caps, labels, cushioning materials and the like displaying the logo

Other paper

Paper bags, outer boxes of snacks and the like displaying the logo

Cartons, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard

Paper products displaying the logo
Milk cartons, leaflets, books, catalogs and the like

Hazardous waste

Aerosol cans (spray cans), disposable lighters
Dry batteries, rechargeable batteries
Small appliances with built-in batteries that cannot be removed
(e.g., smartphones)

Collection via collection boxes

Used clothes, pieces of cloth
Small appliances, rechargeable batteries